About us

The John Bourne Group of companies, a business originally rooted in agriculture, has adapted and developed over the past 70 years into one of the country's leading suppliers and specialists in the provision of hard and soft landscaping materials. We are a third generation family run business with a focus and dedication to detail that has seen us thrive in the area of specialist soils and growing media.

Our head office is based in Kent's smallest village, but through the development of our blending, screening and bagging facilities around the South-East, we have been able to develop our range of products and offer bespoke materials to the ever more technically demanding sector.

One of the keys to our dedication to the landscaping industry is the continual investment in our haulage fleet. The increasing prominence of deliveries into tight urban spaces coupled with consistently challenging legislation means that our vehicles and drivers are under more scrutiny than ever. Having our own fleet of FORS Gold accredited vehicles allows us the flexibility to respond immediately to challenging projects and give peace of mind to customers working on confined and highly regulated sites.

At the heart of the businesses evolution has been the emphasis on working with nature rather than against it. This has led to the development and promotion of environmentally friendly products across all markets. Examples are recycled aggregate to the construction industry, peat-free substrates for horticulture, green composts for sportsturf maintenance, and re-manufactured topsoils for the landscaping industry.

We are a business that develops and grows with the changing pattern of land use, but our philosophy of offering the best in terms of quality and service always remains the same.